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Meet Gabrielle

explorer. Guide. Story Teller.  

Gabrielle Caldwell has spent many years in intense study, honing her skills to assist others in learning how to navigate the "unseen" energetic world. Gabrielle loves, is certified in and continues to study the ReUnion Process + Family Constellations (learn more about these here). In these processes, she teaches her clients how to identify the voice of their higher self, and to then trust and apply that knowledge to their day to day lives.

Gabrielle has a way of taking what's messy, ugly, and anxiety-inducing and shining a light on it with a sense of humor, a fierce respect for the truth and a genuine love of humanity. This can ultimately create a shift that results in natural and authentic clarity, empowerment, and peace of mind for her clients.

Through her trainings, workshops, her study with clients, and working processes in her own life, Gabrielle has perfected a proven method of facilitating gentle and yet profound shifts with clients. 

Each client is met where they are and lovingly, but fiercely challenged and guided to live a life that is truly fulfilling. As clients begin to reopen and reconnect to their own power through the skills Gabrielle teaches, it becomes, once again, natural and instinctive for clients to create a life that serves their true purpose.